CAISA CartónCAISA DE C.V. was founded in 2002 with the objective of meeting the important needs that the market innovative and demanding global market requires domestic and international consumers of corrugated cardboard boxes that can remain competitive, creative, selection of staff , training and incorporation of resources and materials needed in the manufacture of our packaging cardboard, to comply with the commitments, expectations and quality requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Since its founding in 2002, CAISA offers corrugated boxes for packaging. Our convenient location in the Zona Franca Santo Tomas, located only twenty minutes from El Salvador International Airport and only ten minutes from the city of San Salvador, guarantees a comfortable location. CAISA is today one of the largest and most competitive companies in the industry of corrugated boxes.

Our Mission

Being the leaders in packaging solution for our customers, fulfilling the commitment to improving quality, competitive costs and a complete service. CAISA's business is providing solutions to the packaging needs for different types of products

Our Vision

To provide the best service delivery time in the industry with the goal boxes of growing up together with the faithful customers, our commitment is to improve quality and innovate processes to customer satisfaction


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